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The bitcoin & cryptocurrency donation solution trusted by 100+ nonprofits, universities and faith-based organizations. We’ve raised millions of dollars in cryptocurrency donations for charity organizations using our cryptocurrency donation widget and fundraising platform.  

Why do nonprofits accept cryptocurrency donations?

  • 101,000,000 cryptocurrency users 

  • Tax incentive 

  • Young donors 

  • PayPal, cash app, and other mainstream adoption

Why do nonprofits choose The Giving Block?

  • At The Giving Block, you don’t just get a crypto payment solution - you get access to an entire community and ecosystem.  

  • Crypto Payments Solution 

  • Fundraising Platform 

  • Fundraising Campaigns

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$300 million dollars are donated in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin each year.

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What is it like to work with The Giving Block?

Whitney Broadwell,

Sr. Specialist, Direct Marketing

International Medical Corps

“The Giving Block team was instrumental in getting us set up to accept cryptocurrency, and connected us to a whole new community of generous donors, looping us in on crypto-centric giving events.”

Diane Clifford

Managing Director, Constituency Development

No Kid Hungry

"The Giving Block team made set-up super easy and assured a smooth donor experience from crypto gift to receipting, and our Finance team especially appreciates the platform’s autosell conversion to cash."

Why Donors Choose Us

How we built the #1 crypto giving platform.

You're donating your crypto because it saves you money on taxes. We get it. But shouldn't you give your crypto to a nonprofit that supports cryptocurrency adoption too? Look no further.


Our nonprofits don't just accept crypto, they fundraise it. There's a big difference. 


Before we started, less than 10% of charities who received crypto donations added crypto as an option on their site. Most never even talked about it.


100% of The Giving Block's nonprofits actively fundraise cryptocurrency year-round, normalizing it and driving crypto adoption. They get more donations, crypto adoption increases; win-win.

So, if you're a crypto donor who cares about adoption, we hope you'll support The Giving Block's nonprofits.

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