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Cryptocurrency solution for charities. 

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Autosell to cash

Automated donor receipts

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Support nonprofits who support crypto.

Tax deduction (501c3 nonprofits)

Anonymous donations accepted

Get a compliant tax receipt.

Our Clients

Ask your favorite nonprofit to accept crypto.

Just click the button and add their twitter handle.

The #1 Crypto Giving Solution

$300 million dollars are donated in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin each year.

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Automatic conversion to cash and tax receipts.

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Copy and paste your donor-designed widget on your website

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Engage with a new audience and diversify revenue.

Monica LaBiche Brown,

Executive Director

“This is our first cryptocurrency fundraising campaign and working with The Giving Block made the process easy and effortless.”

Sarah Stevenson,

Fundraising Director 

"The Giving Block not only offers an easy-to-use tool for nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency, but they also provide excellent advice on how nonprofits can market to cryptocurrency communities. Everyone at The Giving Block is extremely accessible and forward-thinking. I highly recommend The Giving Block to any nonprofit looking to diversify their funding by accepting cryptocurrency."

Mahnaz Javid,


"Love working with The Giving Block - young, energetic, forward looking, professional and human!  They are good at what they do, but most importantly they care about others in need.  Great partner, great people!"


What is it like to work with The Giving Block?

Why Donors Choose Us

How we built the #1 crypto giving platform.

You're donating your crypto because it saves you money on taxes. We get it. But shouldn't you give your crypto to a nonprofit that supports cryptocurrency adoption? Look no further.


Our nonprofits don't just accept crypto, they fundraise it. There's a big difference. 


Before we started, less than 10% of charities who received crypto donations added crypto as an option on their site. Most never even talked about it.


100% of The Giving Block's nonprofits actively fundraise cryptocurrency year-round, normalizing it and driving crypto adoption. They get more donations, crypto adoption increases; win-win.

So, if you're a crypto donor who cares about adoption, we hope you'll support The Giving Block's nonprofits.

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