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Why Nonprofits Choose Us.

The first and only solution built just for nonprofits.

No Volatility

Automatically convert crypto to USD, avoiding price volatility.


Our user experience was designed by cryptocurrency investors.


Meet and work with top projects in crypto and blockchain.


Be part of the largest collective of nonprofits fundraising crypto.


About Us

Our team consists of nonprofit strategists and cryptocurrency investors. We wanted to make it easy for nonprofits to fundraise crypto and partner with organizations in the blockchain ecosystem. Accepting cryptocurrency donations drives up revenue and attention for nonprofits, while driving cryptocurrency adoption as well. That's a win-win.


We used our knowledge-base to create the first and only cryptocurrency solution designed specifically for nonprofits. As for support, training, compliance and/or marketing - we can help with that too.

Nonprofit Services

  • Design and implement a use case

  • Work with the right partners

  • Avoid "square-peg" use cases

Blockchain Pilots

Use blockchain and cryptocurrency to elevate your impact.

  • Auto-Sell Functionality

  • Compliance & Technical Support

  • Education & Training

Accept Crypto Donations

Customized crypto fundraising solution. Accept Bitcoin and more.

  • Crypto Fundraising Campaigns

  • Media Training

  • Targeted Outreach

Build Your Brand

Show your audience you are an innovator. Build a crypto audience.

For HODLers

Partner With Nonprofits

Collaborate with nonprofits, elevating one another.

Find Nonprofits To Support

We help major donors find the perfect fit

Learn About Tax Benefits

We don't give tax advice. We have friends who do.



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