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The Giving Block was founded in 2018 after seeing hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin being donated to the few nonprofits that were equipped to accept those donations. Our founders came from cryptocurrency as well as nonprofit fundraising and operations backgrounds. 


With the cryptocurrency bull market of 2017-2018, millions of people around the world made a fortune investing in and trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether. Because the IRS treats cryptocurrency as property, these investors had a huge tax incentive to donate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly to nonprofits. In short, if donated directly to a nonprofit, they would not be liable for capital gains tax and could write it off on their taxes (similar to a stock donation).


The problem? Very few nonprofits knew how to accept cryptocurrency donations or were even thinking about this new pool of donors. So Pat and Alex set out to create the only nonprofit specific solution for accepting cryptocurrency donations, starting at Pat’s old stomping ground the Lupus Foundation. Now, donors have over 100 nonprofits to choose from and its easier than ever to begin accepting cryptocurrency donations.

About the Founders

Alex Wilson


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Alex’s background is in management consulting where he worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop strategies around emerging technologies like AI, IoT, blockchain and cryptocurrency. As he went down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole, he began investing in and advising early stage cryptocurrency startups. Now, he’s turned his attention to the nonprofit world where he equips nonprofits to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency donations.

Pat Duffy


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Pat Duffy, Co-Founder of The Giving Block, began as a federal consultant for pharmaceutical companies, focused on collaboration with nonprofits. He then shifted to the nonprofit sector, focusing on executive leadership and fundraising. Merging his nonprofit experience and passion for Bitcoin trading, The Giving Block was born, creating the turnkey cryptocurrency donations solution used by charities around the world.

The Giving Block Team

Michael Earley

Head of Research & Nonprofit Outreach

Originally from Auckland, New Zealand - Michael has over 10 years of experience in research and conference production, including the Business of Blockchain series of events (Blockchain Health, Blockchain ID, Blockchain East, Blockchain West). His nonprofit experience includes serving on the board of 501(c)3 nonprofit Kia Ora DC Kiwis, while previously managing online media and fundraising for Border Angels in San Diego, CA.

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Vitaly Tratsevskiy

Technical Lead

Vitaly brings 15 years of deep technical expertise to the team. Before working with The Giving Block, he was a software engineer with Dash, an open-source cryptocurrency project. As The Giving Block's Technical Lead, Vitaly is responsible for managing the technical team and bringing business ideas to life. Vitaly is based in Helsinki, Finland. 

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Masha Healy

Operations Manager

Maria has a wide breadth of experience working for both non-profits and mission-driven cryptocurrency startups in donor relations, technical solutions, and marketing. She’s eager to work at the intersection of these industries and experiences to support charitable giving and cryptocurrency adoption.

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Ben Wilson, CPA

Director of Finance and Accounting

Ben is an early adopter of cryptocurrency and has been active in the industry for years. He formerly worked at KPMG as an accountant where he audited Fortune 500 companies. Now, he leads all things accounting and finance at The Giving Block, with a focus on cryptocurrency tax.

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Isabella Sims

Software Engineer & Graphic Designer

Isabella Sims is a software engineer studying computer science and psychology at American University, where she is currently researching digital maps and data visualization. She is enthusiastic about using blockchain technology to help nonprofits expand their audience.

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