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Why do nonprofits accept Bitcoin? 

High Demand

Already, there are more web searches for "Donate Bitcoin" than "Donate Stocks".

Young Donors

For many young donors, bitcoin is the preferred way to give.

New Partners

Find sponsors and partners building solutions in the blockchain universe.


"Bitcoin" is searched more often than Kim Kardashian. Grow your following.



Why do people donate Bitcoin? 

Best Tax Option

If donors can't give you their crypto directly, they lose their tax benefit.


Nonprofits accepting crypto takes it mainstream. They reward you for that.


Crypto companies want nonprofit partners.


Sending cryptocurrency is easier than punching in a credit card.


Our Solution

What we do.

Why it matters.

Beyond Bitcoin.

If donors have to convert from other cryptos into Bitcoin, they lose their tax benefit. We support other cryptos, and credit cards.

Automatic Conversion

Concerns over price volatility? You can automatically convert all donations out of crypto and into US Dollars.

Education & Support

We've made our solution "grandma-friendly". Still, we include training and support for the life of the relationship.

2 Week Setup

We streamlined the compliance, wallet setup and integration - so that you don't have to. Then add our widget with one click.

Fundraising Campaigns

Taking crypto is not like credit cards. These are new donors, and they need to know you exist. We help you shine.


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