Why accept crypto donations?


101,000,000 people use cryptocurrency today. And half of millennials prefer crypto investing to stocks. Keep up with the fastest-growing donor demo.

Why nonprofits use The Giving Block?

Easy, Effective.

We walk you through setting up an account that you own and control. Crypto autosells for cash, tax receipts go to donors. It's easier than stocks.

Okay, how do I do this?

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We'll walk you through everything from opening an account, to adding our widget to your site, to crypto donor engagement. We're here for you!

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Accept Bitcoin Donations

Accepting cryptocurrency donations is easier than stocks. We help you open an account, receive donations, automatically convert them for cash, and issue automated tax receipts

Our Tech

Faster, Easier Setup

We figured out the compliance, setup and integration - so you don't have to.  We make it easy.

Education + Support

We make taking crypto easy. Still, we know nonprofits can run into hurdles. That's why we offer live support for all of our clients.

Automatic Cash

Crypto prices can be volatile. Turn on our "Auto-Conversion", and crypto donations sell for cash and are FDIC insured.

Donor-Designed Widget

Your widget is customized with your name + logo, and automatically generates tax receipts for your donors.

Our Platform

Fundraising Platform

We have the #1 ranked platform for all searches around donating crypto. Crypto donors in search of crypto-friendly nonprofits find our clients.

Giving Tuesday

We run a mass fundraising #BitcoinTuesday campaign for Giving Tuesday, where our entire network is activated for peak outcomes.

Marketing Tools

The tools you need to get found by donors. Plus, research and resources you need to find donors.

"I'm still learning."

No worries! Check out our FAQ to read more about why bitcoin fundraising is so popular. Or, for specific questions - book a call to talk them through.

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