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More than skateparks, we build community!

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Our Fundraising Goal


in Bitcoin donations.


Step #1
Donate Crypto

Donate crypto to The Skatepark Project, helping them build skateparks for youths in underserved communities.

Step #2
Take the Crypto Giving Pledge

Pledge to donate 1% of your crypto to charity every year (you can write in "The Skatepark Project" to continue your support!)


About The Skatepark Project

We help underserved communities create safe and inclusive public skateparks for youth. That's our mission. We've helped fund more than 600 skateparks in communities all across the country serving more than 6-million skaters (and counting). When you donate cryptocurrency to our organization, you’re helping to provide on-going support and services to individuals all across the world working tirelessly to see a skatepark built in their community.

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Join Tony Hawk and Jeremy Gardner.

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