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The Crypto Giving Pledge

Taking crypto mainstream through charitable giving.

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Join us in moving our world, and crypto, forward. 

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If the entire crypto community took the Crypto Giving Pledge today, that would mean $20 Billion for nonprofits.

More Crypto Users

60% of crypto users say their friends and family look down on them for using crypto. This pledge aims to change that. 




Donors who give crypto to charities can erase their capital gains tax burdens in addition to writing off their gifts.

the Founders Circle

The Founders Circle is growing. Members will be announced over the next 30 days.


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About the Pledge

Who can take the Crypto Giving Pledge?

Everyone! Anyone who would like to donate 1% of their crypto each year to nonprofits can take the Crypto Giving Pledge . However, applications to join the “Founders Circle” will close on May 30, 2021. Both individuals and companies can take the pledge.

Can companies take the pledge?

Yes! Both individuals and companies can take the pledge. For companies, the pledge is based upon revenue rather than investment portfolio.

Do I have to give 1%?

To successfully participate in the pledge, you must give 1% or more; however, the pledge is based on an honor system. Though we encourage everyone to fulfill the pledge at 1% or higher, we hope everyone will participate honestly and at their comfort level.

Is the amount I give public?

No, unless you personally reveal it. You do not need to reveal your identity, what percentage you are giving or the total amount you donate if you want to keep it private.

Can I donate anonymously?

Yes. It is totally up to you if you’d like to donate anonymously or be publicly recognized.

Who can qualify for the Founders Circle?

For the Crypto Giving Pledge, Founders Circle considerations include a review of donation capacity, influence and previous donations. Contact The Giving Block for more information.

Which charities can I support?

You can support any crypto-enabled nonprofit with your Crypto Giving Pledge donations. However, we strongly advise donors, especially high-impact donors, to research the wallet compliance of the nonprofits you support. If you donate crypto to a nonprofit who is accepting crypto the wrong way, you can receive a surprise tax bill. The more than 200 nonprofits on are compliant. If you don't see the organization you support on, contact The Giving Block with details about the charity and they can confirm whether or not the nonprofit is compliant.

Do my past crypto donations count?

Of course! Again, the Crypto Giving Pledge is an honor system. Be as generous as you wish, share as much about your generosity with the world as you like.

Is the Crypto Giving Pledge annual?

Yes, the Crypto Giving pledge will repeat every year. The reasons for this are three fold: 1) This results in immediate, annual impact for the nonprofits and their missions. 2) It allows donors to offset their crypto capital gains tax burdens every single year. 3) The stories surrounding the generosity will drive crypto adoption year over year.

Wall of Pledgers

Press Release

The Giving Block Launches “The Crypto Giving Pledge” Initiative to Donate 1% of Crypto Holdings

The Giving Block, the leading company promoting crypto donations, announced a new initiative called The Crypto Giving Pledge. The main goal of this project is to make crypto the most charitable industry in the world, improving prosperity around the world and clearing the way for the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

With an estimated crypto market capitalization of $2 trillion, the industry-wide adoption of The Crypto Giving Pledge would mean $20 billion dollars of donations this year from the crypto community to nonprofits. To put this in context, that would be 8 times more than the ten most charitable companies combined. 


Pat Duffy, Co-Founder of The Giving Block, mentioned about this initiative: “This pledge has the power to do a few things that everyone in crypto wants to see happen. One, it will generate a ton of money for amazing causes in critical need of this support. Two, for pledgers in the US in particular, the donations made through this pledge will erase millions of dollars in crypto tax burdens for donors. And third, it will put to bed this idea that crypto is bad, which we believe is the primary barrier slowing the mainstream adoption of crypto.”

Alex Wilson, Co-Founder of The Giving Block, commented:

“The Crypto Giving Pledge” will transform the way the world views cryptocurrency and create the largest influx of charitable giving that the world has ever seen. We’re excited to work with leaders in the cryptocurrency industry to bring billions of dollars of impact to causes that need it most.”

About The Crypto Giving Pledge

Joining the pledge is simple: Individuals are encouraged to pledge 1% or more of their crypto holdings to charities each year, and crypto Organizations pledge 1% of revenue. The pledge is built on trust and respect, protecting the right to privacy for those who take it. For this reason, individuals can join the pledge anonymously under a pseudonym, and both organizations and individuals can opt to make their pledge amount and supported nonprofits private.  

About the Founder’s Circle

The pledge is launching with a star-studded Founder’s Circle, which will feature the influential organizations and individuals who will help to establish and grow the pledge. The Giving Block will be announcing the Founder’s Circle members through April and over the month of May, including athletes, investors, influencers and other leaders in the crypto community. They also invite powerful people in crypto to join the Founder’s Circle, with open invitations to prominent folks in crypto such as Michael Saylor, Elon Musk, Brian Armstrong, Jesse Powell, CZ, Vitalik, Joe Lubin, Jack Dorsey, Barry Silbert and others.

How to Join the Pledge

Sign up for the pledge here. We encourage The Donor to support more than one nonprofit whenever possible as there are many amazing causes who need support. If you would like help identifying causes based on your values, or have questions about the pledge, reach out to The Giving Block for information and support.

About The Giving Block:

The Giving Block is a company founded in 2018 that aims to incentivize cryptocurrency donations. With the cryptocurrency bull market of 2020 and 21, most crypto  users likely have tax advantages if they donate part of their crypto holdings on a yearly basis. 


However, finding nonprofits that accept crypto is a difficult task. The Giving Block makes it easier by connecting crypto donors with charities that accept donations in digital currencies. In this way, it is easier for both parties to donate and receive the funds.

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