Donate Crypto, Lower Taxes

Donate Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies, Pay Less Taxes.

These nonprofits accept cryptocurrency donations, like Bitcoin. Thanks to The Giving Block, when you donate through the widget, you receive a tax receipt that can lower your tax bill. You're a charity and are interested in accepting Bitcoin donations? Learn more here.






Instructions: Select a nonprofit to support, donate crypto and receive your tax receipt.

The Giving Block

Donate Crypto

How to Donate Bitcoin to Charities

How to donate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and how it can lower your tax burden.​

"How do I donate Bitcoin to Charity?"


If you’re interested in donating Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies to charity, you’ll want to take a handful of factors into consideration. Here are step by step instructions on how to donate crypto to nonprofits, universities and faith-based organizations.


Before You Begin: Calculate your capital gains tax burdens

Before making a cryptocurrency donation, make sure to factor in your capital gains tax burden for the year. You’ll want to donate your most appreciated cryptocurrencies in order to erase the largest capital gains tax burdens you’ve accumulated to date.


Step One: Select your nonprofit(s)

  • Go to the Donate Crypto platform (above)

  • Filter by Category to the causes you care about

  • Select “Donate Crypto” for the nonprofit(s) you want to support to navigate to their Donation Page(s)


Step Two: Donate crypto

  • Select your crypto and enter your donation amount

  • Either donate anonymously or enter your info to stay in touch with the charity

  • Copy the wallet address generated in the widget and send your donation from your wallet

    • Important: Do not sell your cryptocurrency first and then donate the cash. You must donate it directly to the nonprofit, otherwise you trigger a taxable event.


Step Three: Closing out

  • Check your inbox for your tax receipt when your donation clears (if you entered an email)

  • Tweet about your donation by clicking Social Share to help the nonprofit fundraise more

  • Optional: After your donation clears, buy back the same amount of crypto you just donated. Your accounts will look the same as if you donated USD, but you just erased your capital gains tax burden!*


Remember, donating crypto is not spending crypto. When you donate cryptocurrency to a nonprofit, you erase your capital gains tax burdens, which doesn’t happen when you donate USD with a credit card. In short, donating crypto directly allows you to donate pre-tax dollars instead of donating post-tax dollars. So, if you want to stack more sats, remember to donate crypto, then repurchase your crypto position after you give.

*This is not financial advice, before making any major financial decisions, please consult your tax advisor

Ask your favorite nonprofit to accept crypto.

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