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*Hope for Haiti is a registered 501c3 nonprofit - hooray!

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As one of the most trusted organizations working to reduce poverty in Haiti, Hope for Haiti is focused on providing support and partnership for the Haitian people every single day.

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Why donate Bitcoin to Hope for Haiti?

Hope for Haiti has designed an18 month holistic response to the Covid-19 pandemic to support children, parents and grandparents living in southern Haiti. We believe that we can be more effective in focusing on education, healthcare, and economic opportunity, which you will see in the attached concept papers totaling $1.5 million in requested funding. From a healthcare perspective, we are going to focus our work on the following: 1) Import and distribute $30 million+ in medical supplies, medical equipment, and medication to support Haiti's healthcare system. 2) Help coordinate 24 healthcare partners in southern Haiti to share patient load, medical resources, and work towards a more coordinated regional strategy for improving health outcomes for people southern Haiti We have a good supply of medication, medical supplies and medical equipment on hand that will be useful during these days including about 90,000 masks (non N-95) and 100,000 pairs of gloves. We'll be distributing these to healthcare partners as they prepare for the weeks and months ahead

Website: https://hopeforhaiti.com/