Bowery Residents Committee (BRC)




Mission Statement

BRC recognizes that the effort to end homelessness requires more than passion and experience, but also a sense of organizational responsibility and the strength to manage professionally. In the nearly 50 years that BRC has provided housing and treatment services to homeless adults in New York City, we have demonstrated continuing expertise in developing and delivering services with efficiency and positive outcomes.

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Why donate Bitcoin?

As the Covid-19 crisis continues BRC remains resilient and present in meeting the needs of New York’s most vulnerable. Each day, dedicated BRC staff are working within the community, conducting outreach to the unsheltered in our transit system, offering programming to those within our shelters, safe havens, and housing, supporting those experiencing disruptions in their ability to participate in the workforce, and providing critical health and mental health services to the thousands within our care.

We continue to adapt to the rapidly changing environment to do all that we can to maintain the wellness and safety of our clients and staff. Among many other actions, we are spending more time in individual engagement, are practicing social distancing within the challenging congregate setting, and are delivering food to seniors and others that are unable to leave their households.

During this unprecedented time, BRC's committed professionals continue to provide essential services to over 3,000 people a day. In order to support the continuity of these operations, we have and will continue to incur additional costs. Please consider a gift toward these efforts. Your support will go a long way toward enabling BRC to continue providing essential services to New York City’s most vulnerable individuals during this crisis, effectively protect the staff that serve them, and help ensure BRC's continuity for the long term.