Children International




Mission Statement

Like the world-changers who support our organization, we are focused on making a long-term impact by helping kids living in poverty. We have a bold vision: graduating healthy, educated, empowered and employed young adults from our program so they can achieve the goal of breaking the cycle of poverty.

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The Giving Block only equips registered charities to accept crypto donations. Because crypto is classified as property by the IRS (and many other tax agencies globally), in addition to a write off, you do not have to pay capital gains tax on donated crypto. Consult a tax professional to confirm specifics. Or contact us to be put in touch with one.

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Local staff have formed task forces to target their efforts and are working closely with local government authorities, as well as local relief organizations to provide support where it’s needed most.
Recently, 500 cases of soap were given to hospitals in Zambia, where they are using it to support frontline responders, as well as patients.
Although the community centers are closed, staff is finding all kinds of ways to creatively continue to support our children and their families.
Doctors are using telehealth and equipping families and children with information and education around the coronavirus, handwashing and mental health.
Some of our programs are being delivered in new, innovative ways – such as job training webinars through Facebook live, and virtual tutoring in math and reading.