Develop Africa




Mission Statement

Develop Africa strategically empowers lives in Africa by providing educational opportunities and resources. We strengthen self-reliance so that individuals, families, and communities can create positive change in their own lives.
We provide school supplies, scholarships, solar lights (so kids can study at night), mosquito nets (to keep children safe from malaria), computer/vocational training etc.

Tax Savings (read below)

The Giving Block only equips registered charities to accept crypto donations. Because crypto is classified as property by the IRS (and many other tax agencies globally), in addition to a write off, you do not have to pay capital gains tax on donated crypto. Consult a tax professional to confirm specifics. Or contact us to be put in touch with one.

To receive a tax receipt, you must enter your email at the end of the widget. Your email can be de-identified, and you do not need to disclose any personal information on the second page of the widget. Unless you want to stay in touch!

Why donate Bitcoin?

The Corona Virus (also known as COVID-19) is disrupting the lives and livelihood of lives globally.

The impact of the coronavirus/COVID-19 is projected in the months ahead to be far worse in Africa. This is because many communities have limited or no access to Intensive care units, PPE, ventilators, and pipe-borne water, etc. The public health capacity there is far less. An estimated 47% of the population of Freetown, the capital city of Sierra Leone, does not have access to running water and 35% live in severely overcrowded informal settlements. Our beneficiaries are therefore extremely vulnerable.