Eves Place




Mission Statement

Eve’s Place is a Mobile Advocacy Program working with victims of domestic, sexual and teen dating abuse primarily in the state of Arizona. Our services are available to any victim who needs assistance. Our goal is to provide meaningful support services on digital platforms to victims who are unable to access traditional program services due to COVID-19. Our Advocates are able to provide individual support services through phone, text and video conferencing. Support groups are also available through teleconferencing and video group. Our services are available in three languages – English, Spanish and Navajo. The hotline staff are available to find resources that may be available in your local area and are able to make referrals by phone. As we are all encouraged to stay home and keep personal contact to a minimum, our services are available in the format that works for the individual seeking assistance.

Tax Savings (read below)

The Giving Block only equips registered charities to accept crypto donations. Because crypto is classified as property by the IRS (and many other tax agencies globally), in addition to a write off, you do not have to pay capital gains tax on donated crypto. Consult a tax professional to confirm specifics. Or contact us to be put in touch with one.

To receive a tax receipt, you must enter your email at the end of the widget. Your email can be de-identified, and you do not need to disclose any personal information on the second page of the widget. Unless you want to stay in touch!

Why donate Bitcoin?

Eve’s Place is new to accepting cryptocurrency but not new to innovative services. Our program is working to reach any victim of domestic, sexual or teen dating abuse needing support and information, during the COVID-19 outbreak. By donating cryptocurrency, you can help us expand our reach and access to services. Domestic violence affects 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men on average. Help us stop the violence with your donation.