YMCA of Greater St Petersburg




Mission Statement

To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all. At the Y, you’ll discover so much more than just a place to work out. You’ll find a place where you belong. We offer a wide variety of fitness, sports and educational programs and classes, convenient locations, and a caring staff to help members of all ages grow in spirit, mind and body. Plus, when you join the Y, you're joining an organization that's committed to strengthening our community.

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Why donate Bitcoin?

At the YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg, we are keeping the children of essential personnel safe and active in three day camps. All 21 schools where we ran after-care, our community centers and our 2 fitness facilities are closed so we had to furlough over 400 employees but we're slowly bringing people back as we can. We have them making daily calls to members, especially our senior members, checking on their well-being and keeping them engaged and active, We're offering fitness classes online and will shortly resume classes for folks with pre-diabetes, Parkinson's and high blood pressure online, Our remedial reading teachers are working virtually and hands-on at camp sites. And we're supporting camp kids with their online schooling as best we can within space and equipment limitations. We've partnered with other agencies who are doing blood drives and feeding programs and are actively engaged with neighboring YMCAs and nonprofits to find more ways we can leverage our assets to the benefit of our community. We've lost much of our revenue yet over 60% of our members believe in us enough to keep paying their monthly memberships to keep us going. Our bankers and vendors are supporting us with deferments and discounts. We're going to come through these trying times stronger, together.