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Frequently asked questions for charities accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as crypto donors.


How can I accept cryptocurrency donations?

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How many people use cryptocurrency?

There are currently about 35,000,000 users in the US and 70,000,000 globally. The number of cryptocurrency users doubled from 2017 to 2019. (as of early 2020).


Who donates cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency donors are generally Millennials and Gen Z donors. 43% of Millennials prefer crypto investing to stocks. Meaning a significant percentage of Millennials have appreciated crypto they can donate each year for tax purposes.


Does the IRS recognize cryptocurrency donations?

The IRS classifies cryptocurrencies as property, so cryptocurrency donations to 501c3 charities receive the same tax treatment as stocks.


Which cryptocurrencies are donated the most?

Bitcoin. Bitcoin donations make up over 90% of cryptocurrency donations each year. We see consistent donations in other cryptocurrencies as well, but donating Bitcoin is the most common.


How much cryptocurrency is donated each year?

Currently, there are about $300,000,000 donated in the form of cryptocurrency each year. As the crypto market has grown, so too have the cryptocurrency donations.


Where can I donate cryptocurrency for taxes?

List of Nonprofits accepting tax deductible crypto donations.


Why donate cryptocurrency?

When you donate virtual currency to a charitable organization, you do not recognize income, gain, or loss from the donation. In other words, donating your most appreciated assets (often crypto) reduces your tax burden.


Which nonprofits accept cryptocurrency donations?

Check out our list of nonprofits currently accepting crypto. If you're interested in making a crypto donation to a nonprofit not currently supporting crypto, let us know here and we'll set them up!


Can I donate anonymously and still get a tax receipt?

With us, you can. We have an option for donors to submit only an email in order to receive an automatic tax receipt. This option is not supported by all of our nonprofits, but most of them allow anonymous donations!


Why donate Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through The Giving Block?

Two words - cryptocurrency adoption. Our goal is not only to set up nonprofits to accept cryptocurrency donations, but for them to talk about crypto, driving adoption. When you support one of our nonprofits, you support a nonprofit who is vocal about crypto.



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