Bitcoin for Nonprofits: Cryptocurrency Fundraising for the Future

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Bitcoin was launched on January 3, 2009, in the midst of the financial crisis and bank bailouts. Coinbase, the largest US-based cryptocurrency exchange already has more than 40 million users and is registering tens of thousands of new users every day. This makes Coinbase larger than any stock brokerage (e.g., Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade).

Are any nonprofits already accepting cryptocurrency donations?

Yes, they are! But only ~2% of nonprofit organizations are currently equipped to accept crypto donations. This figure is growing quickly.

Some organizations already accepting cryptocurrency donations include the United Way, Charity Navigator, the Lupus Foundation of America, the Human Rights Foundation, Red Cross, UNICEF, and Mercy for Animals.

Why are people donating in cryptocurrency?

There are many reasons why you’d want to donate cryptocurrency to your favorite non-profit organization.

We know that each of you is just an awesome person, wanting to do some good in this world. Additionally, there are major tax benefits to supporting nonprofits by giving cryptocurrency, as the IRS treats cryptocurrency as property. This means that when you donate your crypto directly, you give more, and pay less in taxes.

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The Giving Block equips nonprofits to fundraise cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, providing education, training and a technical solution. For nonprofits who choose to go the extra mile, they advise on crypto fundraising strategies, and/or pair nonprofits up with partner crypto organizations, elevating fundraising and awareness outcomes. Ultimately, they help nonprofits build a crypto fundraising program, and a brand in the cryptocurrency industry.



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