The Giving Block and YAP Global to raise awareness about how crypto can be used for the greater good

The Giving Block and YAP Global will be sharing stories of nonprofits accepting cryptocurrency donations and blockchain companies who are in a unique position to give back amidst this global pandemic.

“We’re excited to be working with YAP Global to reach a broader audience and help nonprofits raise more crypto. Most cryptocurrency users still don’t realize there is a major tax incentive to donate cryptocurrency. For many people, donating crypto is much more tax efficient than donating fiat.” - Alex Wilson, Co-Founder

The Giving Block recently led a #CryptoCOVID19 fundraising relief efforts that raised more than $1 million in Bitcoin and other Crypto.

Highlights of the fundraise included Gitcoin’s innovative quadratic fundraising initiative and a fundraising drive during CoinDesk’s Consensus Distributed conference for New York Blockchain Week.

“We want to support The Giving Block by educating and informing the blockchain and cryptocurrency community of a way they can make a positive impact on the world by donating their cryptocurrency holdings to global charities that need all the support they can get especially during this unstable economic climate,” said Samantha Yap, CEO of YAP Global.

The YAP Global team, made up of storytellers from around the globe, will be sharing important stories about The Giving Block’s partners, nonprofits and notable philanthropic cryptocurrency efforts globally as part of their mission to act as a bridge between quality journalism and emerging technology companies making a difference in the world.

YAP Global believes the more people and organizations who understand how to give and accept crypto, the bigger difference our community can make.

About YAP Global

YAP Global is an international public relations and communications firm that helps meaningful fintech, blockchain and cryptocurrency companies tell their stories. They are the bridge between quality journalism and emerging technology companies who are making a difference in the world.


About The Giving Block

The Giving Block equips nonprofits to fundraise cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, providing education, training and a technical solution. For nonprofits who choose to go the extra mile, they advise on crypto fundraising strategies, and/or pair nonprofits up with partner crypto organizations, elevating fundraising and awareness outcomes. Ultimately, they help nonprofits build a cryptocurrency fundraising platform, and a brand in the cryptocurrency industry.