The Giving Block Partners with MoonPay For Bank Card Cryptocurrency Donations

Donors will be able to enter a debit or credit card and automatically send crypto to their favorite nonprofit

We sometimes hear from donors that they don’t want to part with their crypto yet. They tell us they would rather donate crypto a year or two from now when they believe it will be worth more. They say they’d rather donate using a credit card in the short term and use crypto longer term. We can’t blame them for that and we feel the same way. So, what if you could donate crypto without reducing your crypto holdings?

Thanks to our MoonPay integration, you can now donate using a debit or credit card, but on the backend your favorite nonprofit will get crypto. How does it work? Technically, you are buying crypto and it is being immediately transferred to the nonprofit of your choice.

Why would you do this instead of a regular bank card donation? If you like crypto, you probably care about adoption. More crypto donations = more nonprofits accepting crypto donations. Imagine hearing about crypto for the first time because your favorite nonprofit began accepting it. Compare that with some of the misleading headlines about illicit activity.

On the nonprofit side of things, we are often asked if people can make recurring donations. Until now, there wasn’t an easy way for crypto users to make recurring donations. With MoonPay, you can send crypto to your favorite nonprofit every month without lifting a finger. We can’t wait to introduce the first ever recurring crypto donation.

Today we’re excited to announce our pilot integration with MoonPay with over 20 charities and nonprofit organizations. For now, we will use the MoonPay widget checkout experience but plan to create a more custom integration in the future with their API. We believe this will greatly increase crypto adoption and make it easier to support crypto-friendly nonprofits.

“We believe that in the future it will become common practice for charities and non-profit organizations to promote transparency by receiving and tracking donations over the blockchain. MoonPay is proud to partner with The Giving Block to make cryptocurrency donations more convenient and accessible to a wider audience using their everyday debit and credit cards,” said Ivan Soto-Wright, co-founder and CEO of MoonPay.

MoonPay has also offered to donate all proceeds for COVID-19 relief efforts through the integration to the GivingTuesdayNow concert today (May 5). Tune in to see 3LAU, RAC, ill Gates, and Kill Paris perform for the first ever crypto charity concert!

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