Review: Blockchain for Social Impact Conference (Washington, DC)

Specialists and organizations building solutions with key stakeholders, end beneficiaries, and governments share insights on making a difference in the world around them.

The Giving Block (TGB) attended the Blockchain for Social Impact Conference in Washington DC, where sessions ranged from discussions on decentralized labor forces to tracking systems for minerals in conflict zones. We left feeling more optimistic than ever about the myriad of ways that blockchain can be leveraged to elevate social impact. Among the opportunities we identified were the following:

Health and Wellness

  • Tokenized rewards for physical activity and fitness (See Run2Play)


  • Hackathons for DLT solutions to drive down carbon emissions

  • Blockchain tracking and verification of sustainability efforts

Nonprofit Transparency

  • Smart contract reporting on goals which allow nonprofits to get paid more after proving that a goal has been accomplished

  • Tokenized nonprofit spending to show donors you put your money where your mouth is – literally.

Development Aid

  • Transfer food and money to vulnerable populations through blockchain

  • Blockchain solutions for good governance and social outcomes in developing countries

Check out the conference website here.

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