VIVE Church Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations via The Giving Block

Updated: Jan 19

VIVE Church now accepts donations in the form of cryptocurrency.

VIVE Church accepts tax efficient donations in the following cryptocurrencies via The Giving Block:

  • Bitcoin Donations (BTC)

  • Ethereum Donations (ETH)

  • Amp Donations (AMP)

  • Basic Attention Token Donations (BAT)

  • Bitcoin Cash Donations Donations (BCH)

  • ChainLink Donations (LINK)

  • Dai Donations (DAI)

  • Gemini Dollar Donations (GUSD)

  • Storj Donations(STORJ)

  • Zcash Donations (ZEC)

  • 0x Donations (ZRX)

  • Litecoin Donations (LTC)

By accepting cryptocurrencies, VIVE Church is offering cryptocurrency users the ability to support the charity in a tax efficient way. The IRS classifies cryptocurrency donations as property, meaning they are not subject to capital gains tax and are deductible on the donor's tax returns.

Pastors Adam and Keira Smallcombe moved in response to the call of God to plant a church in Silicon Valley – and through their step of faith, VIVE Church was born, which currently has ten locations across the world. They encouraged an innovative and bold culture, which resulted impacting many peoples' perceptions of church. A Bay Area wide campaign, “Not Religious? Neither Are We." was launched to start the church. The campaign ended up having a global effect as many were challenged by the powerful message of a God who wants relationship and not just religious traditions.

To learn more about VIVE Church visit their site:

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