W. Haywood Burns Institute Accepts Cryptocurrency Donations via The Giving Block

Updated: Mar 28

W. Haywood Burns Institute now accepts donations in the form of cryptocurrency.

The forward-thinking nonprofit committed eliminating ethnic and racial inequality now accepts tax efficient donations via The Giving Block in multiple forms. These include:

  • Bitcoin Donations (BTC)

  • Ethereum Donations (ETH)

  • Amp Donations (AMP)

  • Basic Attention Token Donations (BAT)

  • Bitcoin Cash Donations Donations (BCH)

  • ChainLink Donations (LINK)

  • Dai Donations (DAI)

  • Gemini Dollar Donations (GUSD)

  • Storj Donations(STORJ)

  • Zcash Donations (ZEC)

  • 0x Donations (ZRX)

  • Litecoin Donations (LTC)

By moving with the times and deciding to accept cryptocurrencies, W. Haywood Burns Institute empowers cryptocurrency users to support the charity's essential mission in a way that is tax efficient.

How are cryptocurrency donations tax efficient? The IRS classes cryptocurrency donations as property. That means all crypto donations to the charity are not subject to capital gains tax and as such, are fully deductible on the donor's tax returns.

About The W. Haywood Burns Institute

The W. Haywood Burns Institute (BI) is a black-led national, non-profit with a diverse team of bold visionaries, working to transform the administration of justice.

Challenging racial hierarchy and the social control of communities of color by the justice sector and other public systems at every corner, BI employs strategies and tactics to establish a community-centered approach to justice administration that is anchored in structural well-being.

An institution committed to innovation, BI actively listens to those closest to the issue at hand. In doing so, the institution develops initiatives as well as hard-hitting narratives that represent real voices that need to be heard.

In addition to adopting a proactive and community-driven approach to its projects, BI also uses data to highlight the current state of ethnic and racial disparities across the US.

The institution's United States of Disparity Tool, for instance, offers a deep dive into specific issues state by state, backed with charts, graphs, and visualizations. A testament to BI's dedication to exposing pressing problems and creating a fairer society for those most marginalized by the system.

Accepting crypto donations offers donors a tax efficient way of supporting the cause while showcasing its commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of the digital age.

To learn more about W. Haywood Burns Institute and its mission visit You can also discover more about BI's various projects and insights by exploring its dedicated resources page.

About The Giving Block

In 2020, at least patrons donated $139 million of cryptocurrency to nonprofit organizations. The potential for crypto is significant, and it's only getting bigger.

The Giving Block gives nonprofits with the tools to fundraise through cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, providing essential education, training and a technical solution to succeed in a bold new digital age.

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If you're a nonprofit looking to accept cryptocurrency, we will set you up with a donation widget with an optional USD currency conversion option and work with you to develop strategies that will help you raise more crypto funds.

Ultimately, we help nonprofits build a sustainable cryptocurrency fundraising program for accepting donations while raising brand awareness in the cryptocurrency industry.

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