You Can Now Donate Bitcoin to American Cancer Society (ACS)

The American Cancer Society can now accept Bitcoin donations. This means another great option for HODLers who donate cryptocurrency.

Today, it was announced on CoinDesk and Reddit that the American Cancer Society (ACS) is now accepting Bitcoin donations. Before we dive in, for readers interested in donating cryptocurrency to the American Cancer Society, or other nonprofits, before January 1 so the tax man doesn't come to steal your sats, you can do so here.

Like many organizations, ACS hopes that by accepting cryptocurrency donations, they can attract younger donors who disproportionately favor the technology.

“Our mission is urgent and in order to accomplish it, we need to engage donors where they are. The reality is that more and more people are utilizing cryptocurrency,” said Brant Woodward of the American Cancer Society. “This allows us to be relevant with younger donors and provide frictionless giving opportunities for them and for us to meet them where they are.”

How Does The American Cancer Society Accept Bitcoin donations?

Now, for the scoop. This story has already begun making waves on crypto twitter. As expected, they are getting a lot of heat for using BitPay. If you follow us, then you already know our perspective on this. When nonprofits get setup with BitPay, it at least means they are interested in crypto. It means they're experimenting, and that's a net positive for cryptocurrency adoption. Organizations like Save the Children followed this same course before ditching BitPay. We hope to see the American Cancer Society evolve as they learn more, and bail on BitPay to join us in the near future.

Can I Donate Bitcoin Anonymously To The American Cancer Society?

No. Currently, the American Cancer Society is using BitPay to accept Bitcoin donations, and donors have to enter a name and email before donating your crypto.

Which cryptocurrencies can I donate to the American Cancer Society?

You can donate:

  1. BTC

  2. BCH

  3. ETH

  4. Stablecoins


Like many other cryptocurrency users, we have mixed feelings around the announcement. Overall though, we are excited just to see the American Cancer Society becomes the latest nonprofit to accept Bitcoin donations. We will continue to engage them and others and elevate our efforts to help all nonprofits fundraise crypto and engage with the cryptocurrency community. We've added the American Cancer Society to our list of nonprofits who accept Bitcoin donations (and other cryptocurrency donations). So, if you're exploring offsetting your tax burden with a cryptocurrency donation or two, we hope you'll support one of the amazing organizations by donating Bitcoin here.